Sunday, May 16, 2010

Aum Patcharapa so cute!

Next Year Acesscery

Nokia 7230pink!

Smash Revo 2009!

Lost weight from 62 to 50!

Upgrade my skin from formal to very white n pink!

Cosmectic on my nose for small n cute!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Love To Touch

Jokes (Bridy)

One day,a little boy was walking along the beach&saw a naked man. Looking down, he asked the man,""What is that?""
"ït my bird," the man replied.
""well, can i play with it?
"Only if you go and ask your mom first,
he answered.
Hearing this,the little boy ran home to her mother and asked her, "mommy, can i play with man'bird?
The mother thinking it was a nomal bird,replied ! ok.honey.
when the boy got back to the beach, the man was sleeping.when the man woke up he found himself lying in a hospital bed with the boy standing beside him.
Confused,he ask him,"what happened?
The boyl promtly replied,''well,when i was playing with your bird. he spit on me, so i bit off his head, cracked his eegs and burnt his nest.''